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Personality packed copy & content written with your ideal clients in mind, yet sounds just like you. 

By combing your vision & your voice, I can create copy and content that your potential clients can't stop reading. All I need from you is your faith, trust, a little bit of pixie dust and all of your hopes and dreams. Sound good?

Say goodbye to copy & content that just doesn't do it and hello to getting noticed.

Whether you want to spruce up your socials, lead with storytelling and authenticity on your website, I've got what you need.

Check Out How I'll Do It


Market Research

You tell me everything I need to know. I combine that with my own research. We make magic happen.


Create & Write

I get down and dirty with words to bring you a concept you'll love before taking the reigns.


Strip It Back

I'll take the concept, strip it back and refine the details down to your personality & audience so they get what they want.


We Finalise

Together we'll combine your final thoughts with mine and make any final edits and changes so you're ready to go.


Work With Me


Choose between done for you captions or the full Instagram Content Plan to grow an authentic brand community.

Social Storytelling


Choose between done for you captions or the full Instagram Content Plan to grow an authentic brand community.

Website Copy


The two in one web design package designed to give you it all without the fluff and the fuss. 

Web Design & Copy

I'm Laurie

Founder of Askr Creative and Copy & Content Writing professional helping  you bring your brand to life through the art of words.

Having worked with some incredible business owners, the movers and the shakers of their industry, I know what it takes to make your voice one of the loudest in the room, and I am obsessed with helping you do just that with authenticity, clarity and confidence.​

I'm your creative soulmate, mama of one and a self proclaimed coffee connoisseur, ready to help you fall in love with your business and your brand all over again....but that's enough about me...let's make magic.

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Laurie is an absolute wiz at Canva and social media! She creates content and designs concepts intuitively and is very good at taking an idea and turning it into a social media post. Her dedication to what she puts her mind to is admirable and she's wonderful to work with.


I had the absolute pleasure of mentoring and coaching her in my Academy as well as working with her on client projects where she absolutely wowed. I would recommend Laurie to anyone for her VA skills and wonderful personality!

What I'm Talking About On The Blog

Take a look at what we're discussing on the blog. From savvy tips to run your socials, creating content & copy that connects to my personal musings as a business owner.

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