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"Just being able to make such a  difference to my clients busy lives is all that really matters to me."


Vadrine Boulle

Owner of Vanilla Vadz & Find My VA

Laurie is an absolute wiz at Canva and social media! She creates content and designs concepts intuitively and is very good at taking an idea and turning it into a social media post. Her dedication to what she puts her mind to is admirable and she's wonderful to work with. I had the absolute pleasure of mentoring and coaching her in my Academy as well as working with her on client projects where she absolutely wowed. I would recommend Laurie to anyone for her VA skills and wonderful personality!

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Sasha Saville 

Owner of The Executive Solutions Agency

"Laurie is an integral part of my team, her ability to take a brief and create outstanding work for cross industry clients is phenomenal. Her attention to detail and ability to manage multiple client requirements is second to none."


Stella Saliari - ACTIVIST

Owner of Salt The Podcast

Laurie supported me with my social media strategy and Instagram visuals. I highly appreciated her professionalism, creativity, inspiration and kindness. She understood my vision and project immediately. I learnt a lot from Laurie and it has been a pleasure working with her. I highly recommend Laurie for collaborations.


Johanna Young 

Owner of Roccasions Homemade Gifts

"I have no regrets working with Laurie. She's trustworthy, honest, creative and has so much knowledge in her field, it was refreshing. Laurie, thank you for everything you have done for me in such a short time. You've allowed me to spend more time with my baby boy and not have to worry about the daunting social media tasks. You are amazing at what you do. You really know what you're doing and I appreciate everything.


Lauren & Trudi 
Owners of Marrs Green Events

Thank you so much to the wonderful Laurie for bringing our creation to life! Working with you has made our brand complete. Laurie is so easy to talk to and completely grasped our vision. Laurie gives you the knowledge to grow your company with top tips on Instagram and social media strategies you can't go wrong. We are so lucky to have found Laurie.


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